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Upcoming Features and Freelance Gigs

Richie Ramone Bio Cover Image

I’ve got more entertainment writing coming soon to CityBeat: the much-anticipated Mortals Reunion feature, a profile of Richie Ramone biographer Peter Aaron, and a chat with the creators of an upcoming Phratry Records documentary.

Here’s an excerpt of the Peter Aaron feature, still in progress:

“It’s Richie telling the story,” Aaron assures. “I’d never done a book like this before,” he emphasizes. “It was a long adventure, and Richie’s one of those people who plays it close to his vest; he’s not a big talker. I felt like it was a real journey for him, in terms of opening up. Once he started doing that, he really got into it and came out with a lot of great stories.”

As for myself, I’ve really been enjoying a return to music writing, but also look forward to tackling my next technical writing venture or consumer marketing work.

Have a project I can dig into? Shoot me a note and let’s get started!

Freelance writing gigs can unpredictably drop in from colleagues, friends and complete strangers from all corners of the world. Online sites promising to match freelancers with work can be a mixed bag, but this morning I threw my hat in the proverbial ring which is Contently. Check out my in-progress profile.

Setting up my initial profile went very quickly, and the site touts itself for specializing in bringing top-level companies to freelancers who specialize in specific niches (like Travel Writing, or Data Visualization). Drop a comment below if you’ve had any experience with them—I’d enjoy hearing about it.



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