Believe It or Not!

Writing About the Unusual for Ripley’s

Since 1918, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! has been sharing stories of the bizarre, strange and unusual. The world’s changed a lot since then—and that includes all the ways that the Ripley’s organization has told its tales over the years.

Hey, mister spaceman! Read all about groovy Futuro homes at the Ripley’s website.

It began as a newspaper panel, then was adapted for radio, television, books and even has a few museums. Ripley’s recently launched a podcast (er… Believe It or Notcast), and have an exhaustive web presence which collects archives and continues the fine tradition of recounting oddities for a new generation of curious fans.

So, it should go without saying, I’m thrilled to join their talented stable of contributing writers. My first feature landed today: a profile of the late 1960s-early ’70s spaceship-styled Futuro homes.

I already have a handful of follow-up features on deck, but if you’d like to suggest anything unusual for a future feature, please let me know. One thing’s for certain: the world keeps getting stranger, and there’s no shortage of engaging, curious tales to tell.

Believe it… or not!


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